4 Important Tips For Choosing Indoor or Outdoor

Both indoor and outdoor blinds are not for only decorating but also protecting the house from the weather.

While the indoor blinds keep the in-house areas cooler and more privacy, the outdoor blinds can create an open space for your house to enjoy the outdoor parties with the beautiful weather.

They can surely bring a new significant look to your house.

However, purchasing blinds can be a difficult decision.

Here are some key factors that we have listed out to help you choose your perfect blinds.

  1. Purposes and Budget

First of all, before choosing blinds for your home, you should understand your needs.

There could be various factors that you have to answer such as where you want to put the blinds, the purposes of those rooms or space, and how much light and privacy you want for it.

After determining all the purposes, you also should consider the fact that how much you are willing to and what amount you might need to spend on your blinds. Your budget should include the installation as well because it will also take time and money.   

4 Key Considerations When Choosing Indoor or Outdoor Blinds

  1. Style of Blinds

In general, there are two styles of blinds: solid blinds and slatted blinds.

Solid blinds are normally made from a single sheet of fabric such as eZIP and ZipTrak Blinds for outdoor blinds and Roller Blinds for indoor blinds.

Slatted blinds which are made from several strips of material that are tied together. They are more common for indoor blinds such as Vertical Blinds or Venetian Blinds.

Besides most blinds are rolled up or pulled up, there are some blinds which can be pulled aside such as Panel Glide or Vertical Blinds.

Each type of blind is designed with different stylistic choices.

Depending on the concept of your house, you can choose the style of the blinds that are suitable for it.

If you are considering your small windows, Roller Blinds will be an option for you while Venetian Blinds, or Vertical Blinds are often used for large windows.

Panel Glide Blinds are ideal for sliding doors. And Jamaican style Roman Blinds can give to any room an instant asian-inspired vibe.


  1. Protection

The main function of most blinds is controlling light and privacy, especially indoor blinds. The blinds’ colors and materials play one of the key roles in this factor.

Choosing colors and materials for your blinds is not only about how they are suitable to your house but it also needs to bring out the best solution in controlling light and temperature.

Depending on the chosen fabrics, you can blockout all the light or still can keep your rooms privacy while allowing sunlight in.

Also keep in your mind, screen and sheer fabrics can block up to 99% of light during daylight hours, but it cannot guarantee your privacy when it’s dark outside and lights are on inside.

In addition, if your rooms are exposed to direct sunlight, you should choose the color or material that can be an insulation to help the rooms reduce the heat.

When it comes to outdoor blinds, it requires more protection than indoor blinds.

Your outdoor blinds have to protect your outdoor space from the sun, the wind and rain. At The Smart Blinds Co, all our outdoor blinds are weather resistant and also can protect you from harmful UV rays.

4 Key Considerations When Choosing Indoor or Outdoor Blinds


  1. The ease of operation and durability

The operation of your blinds should be also taken into consideration.

Imagine that you are struggling with your outdoor blinds when the rain suddenly comes, spending more than 10 mins to go around your house to pull all blinds up or giving a voice order “Turn on the blinds” to all your blinds, which one would you prefer?

Your blinds should be quick and easy to operate. Some of them can be motorised and automated, directly connected to your phones, your smart-home devices, or remote control, no need for cords to operate.

Depending on your choice of style, you can control your blinds with one touch on a button or simply give an order to Google Home or Alexa. Centainly, these smart blinds will come at a higher cost that you should include it into your blind budget.

However, you will feel it’s worth every penny.

Last but not least, durability is also very important. Instead of choosing lower priced products, good quality blinds will provide a better protection and last longer.

They are not going to fade, warp, crack or split and will hold up strongly to harsh weather conditions.

Smart Outdoor Blinds Offer Protection From Weather


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