TruBlockout Blinds

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Tru-Blockout Blinds

Free In-Home Measure & Quote

Custom-made to fit any size and shape.


Free consultation and expert advice.


Large selection materials, colours, and styles.


Fast and professional installation.


Transparent quotes with no hidden fees.


Trusted by over 10,000 Australians


100% black or your money back – we guarantee it!

Too many block out blinds simply don’t deliver – but TruBlockout blinds deliver 100 percent black every time. Not dim, not grey, not ‘nearly black’. TruBlockout blocks out all light, even around the edges of the blinds that are a source of light leakage for many inferior products. If your TruBlockout blinds don’t deliver 100 percent black we’ll fix it at no cost or refund your investment.

Motorised TruBlockout - the easiest blind to live with!

Motorisation is standard on every TruBlockout blind, so operation with the included remote control is effortless, smooth and silent.

  • Integrate your remote control with your tablet or phone
  • Set your block out blinds to adjust automatically
  • Use your existing Smart Home System to voice control your TruBlockout blinds
  • Control multiple blinds with one remote control

Simple, silent motorisation. Effortless operation.

Quiet, reliable motorisation is built into every TruBlockout blind. Seamlessly integrated, you’ll hardly know it’s there. No cords, no wands, just a compact remote control that does it all.

  • Easy access – with a low-profile USB-C port built into the lower frame of the blind, there’s no need to reach up to the pelmet and open it up to charge the battery. So much more convenient than lesser block out blinds.
  • No falling hazard – the charging port on the lower frame of the blind means you’ll never need to risk standing on a chair, or worry about bringing a stepladder into the house. TruBlockout charging is quicker and safer for every homeowner.
  • Long life between charging – if you use your TruBlockout blinds just once or twice a day, there’s every chance that the battery will power through 6 months or so before needing to be charged.
  • Fast charging – TruBlockout blinds can be recharged to 100 percent capacity in around 6 hours.
  • No downtime – should you run the battery completely flat on your TruBlockout blinds, they are fully functional again the moment you plug in the charging cord. No need to wait until the battery is fully charged.
  • Safe battery technology – the Lithium-ion batteries used in TruBlockout blinds are the industry standard for safety and stability.
  • One remote does it all – TruBlockout remote controls are easy and intuitive to use. Up, down, start, stop. Simple. And multi-station remote controls enable control of every TruBlockout blind in your home or business from one unit.

Charging port built into the lower frame for easy access

Perfect for baby nurseries, bedrooms, home theatres, shift workers ... and lazy Sunday morning sleep-ins

Don’t let light leakage wreck a good night’s rest, mess up your movie night or just spoil your sleep in! Whether you have infants who need day sleeps or a demanding schedule of night shifts, TruBlockout turns day into night with no light – just 100 % black.

Update now & pay later

Flexible, affordable and straightforward payment options. Talk to us today and enjoy your outdoor entertaining area sooner.

Australian custom made quality

TruBlockout blinds are Australian designed and made. 

What ruins the performance of so many block out blinds is poor design, poor quality and ‘off the shelf’ fit – but not TruBlockout. Every TruBlockout blind is 100 percent custom measured, manufactured in Adelaide and fitted to look great while sealing out light completely. For performance and quality they simply can’t be beaten. Every custom-made block out blind carries the 5 Year TruBlockout Warranty for your complete peace of mind.

Perfect fit and function through custom made quality – that’s TruBlockout.

Tru-Blockout blinds benefits


Remote Control, Voice Activation & Smart Phone App Control

Easy To Clean

Simply wipe over with a baby wipe or vacuum on the low suction setting.

Fire Retardant

Patented and exclusive flame retardant fabric designed to resist combustion and stop the spread of fire.


Streamlined good looks, privacy, light control and elegance.

TruBlockout colour & style options

2 standard frame colours

White & Black . If you need it, we can powder coat to any Dulux powder coat colour to match the decor of any room.

4 exclusive block out fabrics

A popular range of 4 exclusive fabrics to suit any taste. All fabrics are fire retardant and 100% blockout material.

3 standard colors

White, Black & Clear Annodised. If you need it, we can powdercoat to any Dulux Powdercoat Colour to ensure minimal interruption to the beauty of the room.

Large range of exclusive 100% blockout fabrics

A wide range of customised fabrics are available to suit any taste. All fabrics are fire retardant and 100% blockout material.

Smart block out blinds, top-rated by our customers

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick
Really happy with my alfresco area now. The blinds look amazing. Very reasonable pricing using quality materials. The quote to end of job was easy.
Hayley Jaensch
Hayley Jaensch
Highly recommend The Smart Blinds Co! Fantastic customer service, honest, reliable and affordable. Daryl and Joanna were fast to respond and Daryl come to the house and spent over an hour with us going through each option and provided a very competitive price then and there and he even arranged a carpenter to instal a post where needed and we had our blinds installed very quickly. We love our blinds so much, Daryl is coming back to quote the other side of our deck soon. Great team and great product. Don’t hesitate.
Babu Alwarappan
Babu Alwarappan
After getting few no-obligation quotes from various companies, I found Smart Blinds Co. the most genuine and honest. Almost all the companies jack up the cost by 50% or more and reduce it later by 20-30% saying they are running new sales promo and we would have to display their company label or logo in the front fence, which I found is total BS! Daryl was different and never bad mouthed any product or company but focused on customer needs and custom design, to my surprise the price was accurate and interestingly the cheapest I received too. The installation went super smooth too, with 2 quality professional performing clean job, they also helped me with odd handy man job while they were there without asking anything extra. The electric install was done really professionally too. I have attached some photos of the product and installation. I highly recommend using Smart Indoor & Outdoor Blinds, they won't disappoint in any dept, the product install and electric fix. Overall had great experience dealing with them and happily recommend or use them again.
Highly recommend Smart Blind Co i found the whole process from start to finish professional and efficient. Josh was knowledgeable and knew exactly what i was after and his team of installers were efficient and very professional. And it feels great to be able to support a local business. I love the final outcome and would not hesitate in Smart Blinds Co again
Julie Tsolakis
Julie Tsolakis
Would highly recommend Smart indoor and outdoor Blinds very professional right from the start ! Before and after shot they look amazing never had any problems whatsoever 💖💙
Paul O’Leary
Paul O’Leary
I have over the past 2 years dealt with 3 companies that supply and fit motorized blinds and roller shutters. All three have supplied and fitted either external blinds or roller shutters on my home. My experiences with these 3 companies have differed vastly ranging from utter frustration and annoyance to absolute satisfaction. It was through my dealings with “The Smart Blind Co” that my faith in this industry was restored and I experienced a level of professional service, courteous communication, timely job completion and quality delivery that were sadly lacking in the first two companies who were extremely rude and difficult to deal with after the deposit was paid. The Smart Blinds Co performed far better than the other 2 companies in the following areas : 1. Superior quoting and measuring standards. They provided a thorough one stop measure and quoting session. 2. No second measure required after the contract was signed. The consultant was qualified and capable to take accurate measurements at the first and only consultation required. Therefore there was no delay waiting for a subcontracted installer to take a second set of more accurate measurements as was the case with the first 2 companies. 3. There was no sales pressure applied before or after the consultation with The Smart Blinds Co. No special deals if I signed on the spot etc. No prior questions about whether I was the decision maker or did I have a partner that needed to be at the appointment etc. 4. The Company installers from The Smart Blinds Co turned up exactly at the time specified 2 weeks before installation. The time lapsed between the initial consultation and the installation was 4 weeks and 2 days ( their estimate was 5 weeks). The other 2 companies I dealt with took months before installation took place and in one job it was over 5 months before the job was completed. 5. The installers turned up in a modern van with the Smart Blind Co logo proudly displayed. They were uniformed and pleasant. The electrician was on site at exactly the same time as the installers and he too was friendly and efficient. 6. The whole installation was completed in 1 hour, the installers cleaned up including vacuuming outside and inside. 7. During the whole process with The Smart Blinds Co I didn’t have to call anyone to get an installation date update, they called me. Their office staff were courteous and efficient. With the other companies the office staff just took messages and someone up the chain of command would hopefully call back and when or if they did they were rude and controlling and basically said things like “You’ll just have to wait your turn” I just wish I had used The Smart Blinds Co for my first 2 installations and they will be my choice if I need further blinds or shutters installed or if any of my friends ask me who I would recommend.

What’s included in our exclusive block out blinds packages

Blinds, Shutters & Awnings

Free In-Home Consultation

Let us come to you. We will assess the space you want to install into and recommend the best approach. We have years of experience from successfully installing many projects.

Blinds, Shutters & Awnings

100% Custom Designed For You

One is not the same as the other. Every customer has unique requirements. We listen intently to our customers and offer the best solution to meet their needs.

Blinds, Shutters & Awnings

Expert Measurement

When it comes to installing blinds, you need to get it 100% correct - right from the measure. Our expert installers will take highly accurate and correct measurements of your space.

Blinds, Shutters & Awnings

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are dead serious about customer satisfaction. And strive to ensure our customers can't stop raving about their new blinds. Just check out our Google reviews and you will see.

Blinds, Shutters & Awnings

Quality Workmanship

Always. We take pride in our workmanship and consistently over-deliver on all projects. Every stage of each project is carried out with precision and meticulously delivered.

Blinds, Shutters & Awnings

Built To Last

All our products are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed for Australia's harsh climate. With high wind rating, rain, sun and excellent UV protection.

Why choose Smart Blinds Co?

  • The TruBlockout blind system is custom designed and made by us to the highest Australian standards – with no middleman margins or waiting time.
  • TruBlockout is the only blockout blind system that offers a 100% black or your money-back guarantee.
  • We have an affordable collection to suit every budget, and a range of colours and styles to suit most decors.
  • Installation is by professionals who have been making and installing blinds for over 25 years.
  • We stand behind every blind we make and install.

Update now & pay later

Flexible, affordable and straightforward payment options. Talk to us today and enjoy your outdoor entertaining area sooner.

Request a free measure and quote today

A perfect night’s sleep awaits. Whether you’re looking to completely darken a bedroom, baby’s nursery, home theatre, or even create a photographic studio, our block out blinds offer 100% blackout. A smarter home is just around the corner. Contact us at The Smart Blinds Co today for a free measure & quote.

Service excellence

Quality workmanship always

Our expert team of home consultants and installers, thoroughly trained and well-equipped, ensure top-notch quality and service. Starting from the initial consultation through precise on-site measurements to the final setup, you’re guaranteed exceptional care.

With a commitment to excellence, our specialists work closely with you to understand your unique needs, offering tailored solutions that enhance the beauty and functionality of your space. Trust in our process for a seamless, worry-free experience that transforms your environment.

Free In-Home Measure & Quote​

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Free In-Home Measure & Quote​

Fill out the form below, and we will be in touch shortly.

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