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    Your window coverings play a significant role in your comfort and privacy. Roller Blinds (aka holland blinds) complement and enhance almost any home, blending well with any interior style: the possibilities are endless. These blinds can suit any budget or stylistic need. They are easy to use, low maintenance, and can be installed either solo or behind a sheer curtain for a softer, more modern look. 

    Just as our name states: any blind can be smart! We offer motorisation options for your roller blinds. Motorised blinds add ease and convenience with a button-press, a voice command, or timed automation. Each room, or even your entire house can be synced to an app or remote to open and close your interior blinds. 

    Check out our wide range of fabrics: if you require total darkness, we have blockout options. A translucent shade can provide privacy while allowing sunlight through, and our sunscreen options filter our harmful UV rays while allowing a view to the outdoors. 

    Whether you would like traditional rollers or upgraded options, The Smart Blinds Co. Roller Blinds are custom made and competitively priced. Yes, you can have it all!

    The Smart Blinds Co - Indoor Blinds & Outdoor Blinds


    The Smart Blinds Co - Indoor Blinds & Outdoor Blinds


    The Smart Blinds Co - Indoor Blinds & Outdoor Blinds

    Ease of Operation

    The Smart Blinds Co - Indoor Blinds & Outdoor Blinds

    Low Maintenance


    Fabric Options

    Indoor Blinds by The Smart Blinds Co

    Room Darkening Blockout Fabrics

    Controls sunlight and reduces heat build-up. Ideal for bedrooms, home cinema rooms, or any other family gathering spot. Not only do they block out light, but they protect furniture and flooring from bleaching and fading.

    Indoor Blinds by The Smart Blinds Co

    Screen + Sheer Fabrics Fabrics

    Great where natural light is needed, but privacy is important. During daylight hours, they block up to 99% of light while allowing a view outside. (When lights are on inside and it’s dark outside, there is no privacy guaranteed)

    Indoor Blinds For Office & Boardroom by The Smart Blinds Co

    Translucent Fabrics

    Provides privacy while allowing sunlight in. Perfect for disguising windows with undesireable views. Comes in many textures, colours, and designs.

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