“Alexa, turn lounge blinds down”…
“Hey Siri, turn kitchen blinds up”…

Smart blinds have been a growing trend since late 2018 and perhaps, considered as one of the worth-investing items for your smart home.

Feeling that morning ray of sunshine bursting into your room and calling out your smart home assistance to take care of it just feels futuristic, cool and posh.

What are Smart Blinds?

Smart blinds are window coverings or window treatments that include built-in motors that enable you to add remote raising or lowering capabilities based on schedule, sensors, or on-demand.

These indoor or outdoor blinds are integrated with standard features like built-in motor, built-in light sensor, or virtual assistance (Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, IFTTT) and operate via a touch of a button, a remote control device, voice-activated command or an application.

These blinds are also commonly known as automatic blinds, smart shades, or motorized blinds.

Many homeowners have their interest intrigue by the smart blinds system but are not quite sure if it is worth an investment.

Here, we will guide you through the benefits you can expect from
having a smart blinds system.

Increased Convenience

Home-automation has definitely advanced in recent years to be even smarter and even more intuitive. You now can purchase a robot to sweep and mop your floor (with the intelligence of memorizing your home layout and doing the job efficiently
in a timely manner)
, and even programming your reverse-cycle air conditioning or HVAC system to keep your home at ideal temperature.

We’ve got smartphones, smart cars, smart TVs, smart watches, so the next question is – why not smart blinds? 

Smartifying and motorizing your blinds allows you to automate repetitive tasks (sometimes hard to reach and awkward spots!) with a simple touch or command, especially when you are tied up with the kids or stuck on the couch with a sleeping baby on your chest.

Convenience and ease through automation is achieved effortlessly.

You can now take control of your blinds, individually, centralized, anytime, anywhere.

Boost Energy Savings

Even though the cost of smart blinds are a little high up-front, they pay for themselves in the long run! This, perhaps, is one of the most overlooked benefits by homeowners.

“How are we saving money with smart blinds?” you will ask…

This is achieved by setting schedules and in-built sensors to take advantage of the natural lighting when needed instead of turning unnecessary lightings.

It may appear counterintuitive to draw shades on a gorgeous summer afternoon, but what is in fact counterintuitive is to run the air-conditioning or fan at full blast at the same time you allow the sun to stream into your home.

Similarly, during the cold winter months, leverage the heat from the sun to warm your home.

Your smart blinds with timer and sensor will get this done automatically, without having you thinking about it or actioning on it. It’s all about insulation and light control done right.

This smart yet organic lighting set-up could boost your energy-efficiency in two-ways and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

On top of this, because you do not need to touch the blinds (hence reducing the risk of mishandling or unintentional abuse – we know you didn’t mean to!), your smart blinds are much more likely to last longer, resulting in savings in the long run.

Improved Security

When you think about home security and window blinds, you may assume that it relates to having your blinds down to prevent passerby from peeking in. While this may work, smart blinds offer you far more benefits than just having the views blocked.

Since smart blinds can be controlled automatically throughout the day, it makes it seem like someone is home all the time or has recently been home, although you can be a thousand miles away. This works as a good deterrent for potential theft and also prevents unwanted peeks. 

Additionally, when connected to a smart home system, the blinds can be functioning automatically when you are leaving or returning home, courtesy of geo-fencing and a software application in your smart device.

Maximum Safety for Children and Pets

Window coverings with corded systems are always a safety hazard for children and pets. Cords pose suffocation and choking hazards when children or pets become entangled in them, especially cord systems with loops.

Smart blinds are fully automated, chainless and cordless, hence offering undoubtedly the best and safest window covering solution to any parents or pet owners.

Protect you Furnitures, Floors, Valuables Family
Portraits and Arts

While having the sunlight beaming into your home with your blinds up can be a natural source of light and heat, over time, it can wash out all of it’s vibrant colors.

On the other hand, you would not want to live in a dark cave, with lowered blinds during the brightest part of the day just to protect your furniture, floors, family portraits and art pieces.

Many people find themselves too lazy, inconvenienced or simply neglect to change the blinds position because it is repetitive and boring, and more importantly, it requires one to be at home to do so. With smart blinds, these chores can be automated and programmed with a timer or sensor, hence protecting your valuables in the long run, remotely. This definitely, is a score!

A Touch of Futuristic Luxury

Imagine living in the episode of The Jetsons, where futuristic technologies are made more and more popular. Smart blinds are not only functional and convenient, they also add a touch of futuristic luxury to your home.

Smart and motorized blinds from The Smart Blinds Co are innovatively designed, high-quality, modern, durable, and made-to-last, no matter rain, hail or shine .

Increase the Value of Your Home

The Smart Blinds Co (TSBC)’s smart blinds are custom-made and professionally installed, resulting in perfectly fitting window coverings and adding value to your home.

Compared to the store-bought, DIY blinds, TSBC perfectly fitting custom-made and professional installed blinds definitely will leave a lasting impression with potential home-buyers.

A home fitted with gorgeous smart blinds is seen as a huge bonus since smart homes have become a popular trend for many home improvement projects.

Smart blinds will certainly make your home more admirable, thereby increasing the chance of a sale.

Now that you know everything about smart blinds, which combine convenience, energy-efficiency, security, safety, protection, luxury and functionality, an all-in-one convenient package, get in touch with The Smart Blinds Co to start leveling up your home.

Here, at The Smart Blinds Co, we partner with you to simplify the process of up-grading your home by taking care of designing, measuring and installation for you.

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