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Outdoor Blinds Are In These Days. Here’s why you should make yours an eZIP! 

Outdoor Blinds have become a common and popular feature in every home because of the numerous advantages it offers, while maintaining the aesthetic value of the house.

Although there are many options when it comes to choosing blinds, eZIP blinds have become the latest modern, stylish alternative to a blind that can build up any outdoor living area.

eZIP blinds are suitable for any location, setting, either a residential or commercial building.

Meanwhile most other blinds tend to compromise on the look more than providing functional aspects, the biggest benefit of eZIP blinds is that they, at the same time, meet the requirement of protecting the house from external weather conditions whilst enhancing the aesthetics of the house.

 So, what are eZIP blinds?

Designed and manufactured by Australians for Australians, eZIP is the advanced blind system locking the fabric into the special side tracks in order to be totally secured, not going to sag or flap.

The eZIP blinds are a modern, seamless, and robust option for homeowners to have a complete weather protection.

Additionally, they are created to withstand extreme weather conditions that allow any Aussie to enjoy their outdoor spaces and protect their interiors.


Benefits of eZip blind

        eZIP blinds are easy to operate

This is why we call eZIP is at the cutting edge of innovation, there are no ropes, pulleys, or zippers to control the blinds.

Locked and secured with their unique side zip, the fabric is optimally held in tracks on both sides to against the weather conditions. This will help the blinds stretch out smoothly without any creases.

You have options to operate it manually or motorised with remote control, your phones, or your smart-home devices.


        Are eZIP blinds durable? The answer is definitely YES

Besides the convenient functionality, eZIP blinds are highly sturdy and durable designed.

They are generally made from aluminum and stainless steel. Their protective powder coat finish is not only fingerprint and scratch resistant, but maintains exceptional protection that ensures further resilience and durability of the blind.


       eZIP blinds comes with a wide range of fabrics for you to choose from

When it comes to selecting blind materials, eZIP blinds give a range of material options including sunscreen fabrics that come in a range of colours, or opt for the PVC fabrics available in clear or tint.

Suited for both narrow and wide open space, eZIP provides the protection and privacy for your pergolas, verandas and alfresco areas, all while boasting a minimalistic design that adds to the appearance of your home.

eZIP blinds can scan up to 5.7 metres wide and drop 3.5 metres, creating a UV, rain, wind and sun shield space.


        Weather protection

Adding to its special feature quality, eZIP blinds are greatly efficient, making it become a barrier against extreme weather conditions.

The blinds are specially designed for Australian weather, ranging from the icy Canberra mornings to sweltering outback afternoons.

Thanks to the high and thick material of eZIP blinds, the blinds optimally protect your spaces from the rain, wind, dust as well as harsh rays from the sun.


Are there any Smart eZIP outdoor blinds?

Certainly! All eZIP blinds have the option of being configured as Smart Outdoor Blinds.

In the past, smart homes were considered as a part of the luxurious life-style; however, they have become an essential part of our life.

You, now, can motorise your eZIP blinds and link them to a remote control, or synced to a number of applications. 

Control your Smart eZIP Outdoor Blinds by voice, phone or remote – the possibilities are limitless!

Indeed, it is a really good investment on your blinds. Imagine that you only need to press a button or use your phone and smart home devices to control your blinds.

And you don’t have to worry about the blind’s cords when your children are playing near there.

On the other hand, the smart eZIP blind systems can help you save energy consumption.

By setting timer and in-built sensors, you can take advantage of natural light instead of using light bulbs.

eZIP blinds can also be an insulation for your house so that you can save more energy for warm up or cool down during winter and summer.


Hot eZIP Outdoor Blinds Tip:


How To maintain or clean your eZIP Outdoor Blinds

For cleaning, you can use warm water with mild soap to clean your eZIP blinds,  rinse it again by using a hose, and wait until it’s dry to roll it up.

Avoid rolling up eZIP blinds when they are wet or having condensation on the surface. Scrubbing or using harsh brush may damage the coating or your blinds.

Always use operating devices such as remote control, smart phones, smart home devices. Try no to pull it aside or manually force it up when you lose power.

eZIP blinds are specially designed to withstand extreme Australian weather.

However, no matter how strong your blinds are, during extreme weather events, they should be completely retracted onto the top tube.

In case that you need lubricant for your side tracks, silicon spray is the best solution for eZIP smart blinds.

Using twice a year will prolong the life of your eZIP blinds. Do not use WD40 or oil based products for it. 

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