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    Aluminium or Timber Venetian Blinds

    In recent years, Venetian Blinds have seen a resurgence in popularity for good reason. Venetians are a practical and economical addition to any home; Each blade tilts 180 degrees for light control in windows of all sizes. Our Venetians are water resistant, making them a perfect choice for moisture-rich areas like kitchen, bathrooms or laundry rooms.

    Venetian blinds are the most versatile look on the market. Our slimline aluminium venetians add a contemporary flair into any space. Their lustrous anodized or powder-coated metallic finishes resist warping, leaving your style looking as timeless as it feels. If your style is more ‘modern resort’, or ‘country charm’, our timber versions are the perfect window dressing for you. If you prefer a French provincial chic vibe, or a breezy beachside ambiance, opt for a painted finish to get that brighter, airy feel in your home.

    Both our aluminum and timber venetian blinds come with dual cord sets, to control blade tilt and to set the height of your shades.

    The Smart Blinds Co - Indoor Blinds & Outdoor Blinds


    The Smart Blinds Co - Indoor Blinds & Outdoor Blinds

    Varying Light Control

    The Smart Blinds Co - Indoor Blinds & Outdoor Blinds

    Increased Privacy

    The Smart Blinds Co - Indoor Blinds & Outdoor Blinds

    Water Resistant


    Timber Style and Colour Options

    Basswood Timber

    50mm blade size made of painted timber in 2 colour options. Basswood Timber venetians have the look, feel and warmth of a natural timber with the modern touch of a painted finish

    Fusion Composite

    50mm blades created from a blend of PVC and Polystyrene- perfect for installation in damp conditions which makes it perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Available in 5 colours ranging from whites to charcoal grey

    Western Red Cedar

    46mm blades made of natural red cedar timber, finished with lacquer. These venetians require no up-keep, and will which will compliment any architectural features existing within your home

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